BIM Services

BIM Services

At HCSE, Inc., we believe that innovative projects, successful results and satisfied clients are the products of a seamless collaboration among architects, engineers and construction management professionals. No one works within a vacuum and no one works independent of each other. Based on this belief, HCSE, Inc. stands firm on the principle of facilitating a more perfect collaboration among the members of the design-build industry.

The introduction of Building Information Modeling or BIM has decreased the gap in communication among the members of the design-build industry. Architects and designers struggle to understand and implement the software into their projects while engineers and contractors search for ways to strike a balance in maintaining both the aesthetics and feasibility of construction of a project.

HCSE, Inc. has been tracking the development of BIM and working with industry leaders to close this communication gap. We understand the frustrations and concerns many individuals have and we take the utmost care of our clients and that is why 95% of our clients would use us again. Let us take the hassle and frustration out of understanding BIM and keep you competitive and profitable both in the short and long term.

Our knowledgeable BIM consultants have worked with teams of architects, designers and other engineers to develop innovative approaches and cost-effective solutions for various types of client projects.

Our expertise combined with top rated customer service provides you with the highest level of customer service.

Our consulting services aim to seamlessly integrate client needs, design plans and engineering requirements to build a vision.

So, contact us today. Let us help you build a vision.


What Is BIM?

BIM otherwise known as Building Information Modeling, is relatively a new piece of software introduced into the design-build industry. It has transformed the way designers, engineers, and contractors traditionally work. Instead of producing construction documents in an old fashion CAD era, there is an increasing demand to construct the entire project in a virtual model. This model is constructed in a manner similar to the actual construction, which helps team members understand the project from all corners.

Why Do I need BIM

Why Do I need BIM?

Instead of having designers simply design and submit the work to be built, BIM encourages collaboration from the beginning between all parties involved. The old project delivery of design-bid-build has slowly lost popularity mainly because of the owner’s desire to save both time and cost.

The more popular approach is now design-build which essentially brings the entire team together from the project kick-off till the completion. What this does is bring an increase need for collaboration and keeping the team synchronized. With this remarkable system, comes more alternatives to building materials, design, and cost saving measures. Keeping this in mind ultimately will deliver project success. Project success is no longer measured as having a project just completed, but more along the line on how well the team collaborated using software’s such as BIM.

In some cases both designers and clients are requesting the use of BIM as a qualifying factor for new work. With the ever-evolving world of structures that we live in, designers are pushing for more unique and visually appealing structures. Trying to visualize any structure in a 2-D world is just a thing of the past. If you may be debating implementing BIM, but still have additional questions, feel free to send us an email at

building information modeling

I have a model, now what?

The ability to construct a model forces team members to thoroughly think about the design and constructibility. This ultimately will save the owner both time and money because of less change orders and a smoother workflow. Contractors are able to pull their quantity take-offs right out of the model with a click of a button. This will help provide more accurate bidding and save a substantial amount of time.

I heard BIM takes too much time versus CAD, right?

Well, partially true if you are relatively new to the software and come from the CAD era. We understand that people may hesitate to change especially when in general we get comfortable at what we’re good at. At HCSE, Inc. however, we are able to build models and produce quality construction documents much quicker and efficiently than those who argue otherwise. This is mainly due to our extensive BIM knowledge and experience. With our friendly expertise just a call away we can help assist you and your firm to help lead the way in this exciting technology. We know you may have some frustration, but we can guarantee that with expert advice you will be well on your way to successful BIM delivery.

I have BIM, but I need training

If you have purchased BIM or are looking into it, look no further.

We provide full staff support and training in BIM with our specialization in RevitĀ®. In addition, we are in the process of providing online demos and video support, so that you may pick up some tip and tricks for using BIM. Whether you’re our client or just a friendly BIM user, we hope these online demos will help you with your projects. If you have a specific topic you would like addressed, please send us an email at

Our focus is mainly in BIM because we see this as the go to program in our industry because of the share of the industry using AutodeskĀ® products already. We are not trying to sell you BIM, we are in the market with those individuals or firms looking for assistance and training in BIM.

For more information on BIM and other topics in the design and engineering industry, please visit the FAQ page.

BIM Design


Whether a simple remodel, or new custom home at HCSE, Inc. we know what our clients need and expect. We understand that your project has both a physical and emotional value, so that is why we work hand and hand with you until your project is completed. Building a successful project for you is our main goal and having the opportunity to work with you is our pleasure. Once we thoroughly review your project, we can let you know if we feel that it is in your best interest to implement BIM.

BIM Visualize

How can BIM assist with my project needs?

BIM will help you visualize your proposed project by letting you walk-through the entire project and see it in an unlimited array of angles. You will be able to thoroughly understand the complexity of certain aspects of your project that may affect your budget. Collaborating with our experts, we can deliver a product that provides you with not only the top rated client services, but more importantly meets the demands of your budget.
If you still are not completely sure about using BIM, feel free to take a look at some of the BIM projects that we have recently completed or contact us with any specific questions.

BIM 2D Drafting

Does BIM cost me more than traditional 2-D work?

Depending on the size and complexity of your project, the advantages of BIM may not be as prevalent as with other structures. However, at HCSE, Inc. our ability to produce rapid and accurate models has enabled us to actually save time and money for you the client. There generally is not much cost difference between the two deliveries, however this is a function of each respective project.

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