Services Offered

The expertise of the team at HCSE, Inc. allows for the development and management of a range of projects.

Structural Engineering and Building Design services include but are not limited to:

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    Soft Story Retrofit

    HCSE Inc. is here to help guide you through San Francisco’s soft story retrofit process and make it as simple and convenient as possible. Subject Buildings Subject Buil

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    Retaining walls

    As an accomplished engineering company that possesses a wide variety of technical expertise in the design and structural engineering field, HCSE can also provide detailed analysis an

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    Commercial and Residential Additions and Remodels

    HCSE Inc. has completed many renovation, remodel, and addition projects throughout California, including structural designs, home additions, home remodels, and historic renovations.

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    New Construction design

    HCSE is known for our scientific contributions to new construction design in which we redefined the dimensions and very basics of structural engineering with our use of advanced tech

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    HCSE can provide 3-D scanning to your existing building which will outline a detailed existing floor plan (exterior walls, windows, doors, plumbing fixtures, room sizes and labels) f

Points of Interest

Structural Observations and Recommendations are provided for:

HCSE, Inc. has assisted countless individuals, some of whom are homeowners, potential buyers, real estate agents, and investors with structural inspections of existing properties. Home inspectors are typically called out to provide a report for the structural condition of an existing property. This report may outline further investigations that need to be conducted by experts such as HCSE, Inc.. We provide full-service structural inspections on existing residences, homes and other structures. Our structural engineers work hand in hand with you, the client, to address all of your concerns. Our job is not done until you are satisfied that the report has addressed all items related to the scope of our work. Timing is of the essence and realizing this, we are able to turn around reports instantly.

Check out some of the common issues we have discovered in our structural inspections. Let us assist you with any problems you may be having and are not sure how to go about resolving them. Give us a call today at (650) 557-4333 or email us at

We know your home is your sanctuary, so why not get it inspected today to see what steps you may take to feel safer. At HCSE, Inc. we have helped countless homeowners seismically retrofit their existing homes by providing detailed reports and documents on steps that should be taken to bring the residence up to current building code. With our friendly expertise on your side, we come out to your residence and provide you with explanations on what portions of your residence may need some work.

Prior to 1938, the majority of residences were built to withstand one type of force otherwise known as “gravity forces.” However the most damaging component of earthquake forces is from side to side, producing what is commonly referred to as a “lateral load.” Therefore, older buildings that were adequately built to resist up and down forces might collapse under the lateral stresses of some earthquakes.

HCSE, Inc. can assist you with any illegal additions and or buildings without proper permits. Our expertise has helped many clients receive their building permits instantly thus far. We understand this may be a frustrating time for you, so let us take the burden out and get you that dream home you desire.

HCSE has been involved in the tenant improvement of numerous commercial structures throughout the Bay Area. As a building owner, a tenant improvement of an entire structure can be quite a daunting task. HCSE’s expertise and knowledge in this field can guide you through the entire process. We are fully equipped with the abilities to design, engineer, and draft up construction documents that clearly indicatethe requirements in the tenant improvement process.

One of the many tenant improvement projects that HCSE had worked on is Wenzhou Restaurant. This restaurant is located in the Downtown Historic District of San Jose and has strict requirements for the improvement project. HCSE provided the design and analysis required for the upgrade and retrofit of the structure despite many constraints that were present on site.

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