New Construction design

Julia Robert

HCSE is known for our scientific contributions to new construction design in which we redefined the dimensions and very basics of structural engineering with our use of advanced technology.

Our Structural Engineering services aim to provide turnkey solutions that offer unique and sustainable design, dynamic load-balancing, structural strengthening, stability, and compliance with all regulatory and quality parameters.

We also seek to provide timely project execution with unmatched levels of reliability in the success of every new construction design project we take on.

The development of complex civil structures and physically heavy construction projects largely depend on enterprise structural components and structural systems, both of which have been adopted by HCSE to achieve its structural design objectives.

Our Structural Engineers always strive to adopt the most comprehensive and feasible solution to provide new construction design with safety and comfort for our stakeholders. This, along with regular project monitoring and re-assessing, helps keep customer issues and structural revisions at a minimum.

Challenges and engineering difficulties within a given building environment are minimized with good structural specification in our designs. With each new construction project, HCSE considers the ambient conditions around a given construction site along with the economic, social, technical, and aesthetic considerations of the structure.

This innovative approach, adopted by our Structural Engineering Team, ensures positive solutions to any critical structure problem and adds value to the building blocks of design.

All new construction designs from HCSE adhere to environmental responsibility. By re-engineering conventional designs through an advanced set of software and analytical tools, we ensure that we will apply the latest technology to our projects.

HCSE’s engineering methods used in new construction design will take care of all necessary technical parameters, and will also consider the factors that affect an economical and feasible solution to ensure strength, stability, constructability, low maintenance, and flexibility. All of these elements are key when working to meet the varying needs of future demands.

BIM Consulting, which is at the core of HCSE‘ s business, has improved architectural and structural analysis by defining the roadmap for each new construction design. Converting and representing architectural plans and 2D engineering drawings in an interactive 3D design model is the core competency of our BIM Consulting Services.

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